California Gun Law – Book Design


Organization name

Michel & Assoicates, P.C.

Description of the organization and its target audience

Law Firm. Practice areas include Firearms Law, Environmental Law, Civil Rights, Civil Litigiation, Criminal Law, etc.


Attorney & Law


“Feel free to be creative on the image of CA map outline and gun intergration.

After i see some of the brilliance coming through the formal state outline is not a concrete requirement. the idea is to convey that the book is specific to california and several of the designs do that without incororating the state map outline. i will rate these. The trick tho is diffent parts of the state use guns for different things so I dont want the cover to convey the impression that it applies only to one type of gun owner.

Also, i would like to convey the different typs of activities that guns are used for through a couple different guns so the design whill capture the attention of the urbanites in LA who own a handgun to defend themseves, the hunters in central and nor cal who own shotguns, and the target shooters who use an ar-15. The AR is also a political hot button and gets attention because of the “assault weapon” issue.”